In line with its focus on key revenue producing and management positions in the financial services industry, NMG is proud of its industry knowledge and track record of placements in these areas:

Corporate and Investment Banking

Trends in the world of corporate finance are for global clients to increasingly expect to speak with their banker about the full range of corporate finance services, from M&A advice to transaction banking. Banks are responding by consolidating their corporate and investment banking platforms and fostering internal collaboration to provide advisory, underwriting and credit extension as seamlessly as possible.

Although possessing distinct skill sets, corporate and investment bankers must understand the value of one another’s business and have a strategic view of a client’s financial advisory needs. NMG’s recruitment consultants come from both the corporate and investment banking worlds, and work with clients and candidates across a gamut of products, from strategic advisory, capital markets and underwriting through to credit and lending and financial structuring.

Recent Assignments

  • Managing Director, Healthcare and Chemicals Coverage (European global bank)
  • Director, Energy and Resources Coverage (Global investment bank)
  • Director, General Industries Coverage (Global investment bank)
  • Director, Financial Industries Coverage (Global investment Bank)
  • Managing Director, Financial Sponsor Coverage (Global investment bank)
  • Head of Equity Capital Markets (European global bank)
  • Vice President, Equity Capital Markets (European global bank)
  • Director, Debt Capital Markets (European global bank)

Private Equity

Although sometimes mis-understood in the Asian region as ‘vulture capitalism’, Private Equity has a clear role to play as Asian companies face volatile currencies, foreign competition and generational transfer. New Millennium Group maintains contact with dozens of candidates at senior and junior levels in both PE firms and Investment Banks. NMG also helps PE firms to recruit new CEOs, CFOs, COOs and other management and business development roles who are critical to adding value and giving investee companies new life.

Recent Assignments

  • Executive Director, Japan (Regional buy-out firm)
  • Vice President, Japan (Global buy-out firm)
  • Business Development Manager for China (Japanese firm)
  • Manager, Corporate Strategy (Foreign fashion firm, Japan subsidiary)
  • Chief Information Officer, Japan (US pharmaceutical firm, Japan subsidiary)

Global Markets

Banks’ core area of securities sales, trading and structuring is still under severe regulatory and capital pressure several years after the global financial crisis. Management is challenged to produce the best possible return on capital, in a market where the products and services most in demand may shift from quarter to quarter and year to year. This requires constant fine-tuning of front-line talent as well as the talent bench. NMG consultants speak the language of the markets, and can help find the staff you need for tomorrow’s business as well as todays.

Investment Management

The growth of alternative investment vehicles, including their resurgence after the global financial crisis, is one of the biggest stories in the financial markets. Over the past 5 years, traditional and alternative investment firms have grown to constitute some 50% of NMG’s annual business. Consequently NMG has developed knowledge of products and individual’s skill-sets that set us apart as a recruiter of analytical and investment skills in a range of products and markets.

Recent Placements

  • Index Arb Trader (Multi-strategy fund, Tokyo)
  • Japanese Equity Analyst (Global macro fund, Hong Kong)
  • Quants/Prop Trader (Multi-strategy fund, New York)
  • Institutional Sales (PE Fund of Funds)
  • Head of Administration (Multi-strategy fund, Tokyo)
  • Operations Manager (Multi-strategy fund, Tokyo)
  • Compliance Officer (Multi-strategy fund, Tokyo)

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